An atmosphere suspended between dreams and reality

A magical place from the Middle Ages of Rome set among mythical ruins and nestled in the bosom of nature.


Let yourselves be carried back in time to the charm of Ancient Rome and its invaluable historical heritage.


Immerse yourself in the colours and tranquillity of an oasis in the Roman countryside and unwind in the pristine air.


Let yourself be intoxicated by the charm of our ground-breaking ceremonial installations that will leave you speechless, with their play of light and shadows creating a unique atmosphere..

Our rooms

Elegance and sophistication

Elegant and spacious rooms, where Baroque and modern styles blend together, are the perfect setting for your event.

Delicate and refined colour combinations within a spacious but welcoming environment.

To make the interior rooms even more attractive, there will be table centrepieces, decorations, and installations, designed specifically for each event.

Our garden

A little corner of paradise

The garden is the crown-jewel of our venue.

Planned in minute detail, it boasts centuries-old plants, bushes arranged in perfect and harmonious geometrical shapes, and fragrant flowerbeds.

Candles, luminous spheres, and small lanterns suspended on the branches of the trees are the backdrop to the splendid pool, which dominates the scene in the centre of the garden.

A little slice of earthly paradise, it’s the perfect place to spend your special moment.

Treat yourself to a unique experience.

Let yourself be transported by the magic of Casale Consolini, treat yourself or your loved ones.