The trends, styles, and colours of the installations

In 2022, events and celebrations that have been suspended for almost two years are finally making a comeback, and we are very excited about this! Also in this same year, new trends are emerging in terms of the styles and colours of the installations, and they promise to leave everyone breathless.

The return to normality, the desire for simplicity and naturalness is guiding the trend of bringing back the timeless, minimalist style and its gentle nuances, while the impact of sustainability on our lives can be seen in the increasing number of “green” ceremonies being requested.

The colours trending in 2022

This year’s undisputed favourites will be neutral colours such as transparent, beige, and off-white, which can be combined with trendy pastel colours such as lilac, pale yellow, or classic “baby” colours such as the timeless light blue and pale pink.

The other colours from the natural palette are those that are reminiscent of the earth itself: from green to brown, ochre, sand, cream, and terracotta.

Delicate and romantic nuances, suitable for every ceremony, including weddings, confirmations, communions, baptisms, and birthday parties.

These nuances can be expressed in thousands of subtle shades in floral arrangements, bouquets, installations and in the preparation of the cake or confectionery table.

This is a trend that embraces the concept of the “sweet table”, imported from the USA.

The triumph of the Minimalist style

Tendenze stile minimal cerimonia Casale ConsoliniA style that is less lavish and avoids the excesses and opulence now considered to be ‘over the top’, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for our clients.

Minimalist does not mean sparse and bleak, but rather involves carefully selecting and emphasising only the most important elements of the ceremony.

A Minimalist approach means creating harmony in the items you have selected, avoiding confusing and chaotic combinations. To this end, only certain strategically important spaces will be used for the ceremony’s setting.

Restraint must also be shown when choosing the materials for the installations, avoiding sequins, feathers, glitter, lurex fabrics, or excessively showy prints. The feeling you are trying to create with the materials you have selected, is one of continuity and harmony.

Minimalist chic: the appropriate flowers

The choice of style also influences the floral choice.

The flowers that lend themselves best to a minimalist chic setting are those that exemplify the notion of purity and simplicity. Calla lilies, orchids, white roses, and tulips are perfect for this purpose, and look even better if planted in transparent pots or containers.

Ideal as a centrepiece, perhaps suspended at the top so as not to weigh down the table, or possibly used as a placeholder, they can bring life to an elegant monochrome setting.

For outdoor spaces, candles in geometrically shaped glass containers hung on the branches of trees are the most suitable way to decorate the environment without going too far.

Green ceremonies: the latest trend

cerimonia green tendenze e stili Casale Consolini

When talking about flowers, we cannot ignore an emerging trend, linked to the hot topic of sustainability.

There is more and more talk of green weddings and, more generally, of sustainable ceremonies, in support of the environmental movement. These place an emphasis on the importance of recycling and avoiding waste, both for the decorations and in the menu choices.

In this situation, the flowers we have just mentioned would be replaced by dried, seasonal ones. This choice is driven by more than just a desire to be decorative, but also by the desire to protect the environment, even on the day of your special occasion.

Casale Consolini: 50 years of experience

A location in a natural setting, such as Casale Consolini, is the ideal backdrop for your green or minimalist ceremony.

Casale Consolini is ready to host your event, including those inspired by these latest trends and fashions.

Our banqueting service, which has been in business for almost half a century, plans your menu with your specific needs in mind, customising both the service and the furnishings and fittings, to recreate the event you have always dreamed of.

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